Privacy Policy

American Honda Motor, Co., Inc. (“Honda”), the distributor of Acura and Honda vehicles in the United States, for a long time has taken most seriously the need to protect consumer privacy. With the growing application of in-vehicle technologies and services that can transmit personally identifiable information to Honda, its service providers, and, potentially, third parties in order to enhance the safety, performance, and driving experience of its customers, Honda has, along with other automakers, made a commitment about how it will collect, use, share, and hold such information. The Consumer Privacy Protection Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services (the “Privacy Principles”) that are linked below reflect that commitment.


Honda commits to providing Owners and Registered Users of connected vehicle services with ready and disclosing of Covered Information.


Honda commits to offering Owners and Registered Users with certain choices regarding the collection, use, and disclosing of Covered Information.

Respect for Context

Honda commits to using and disclosing Covered Information in ways , taking account of the likely impact on Owners and Registered Users.

Data Minimization, De-Identification & Retention

Honda commits to collecting Covered Information only as needed for legitimate business purposes.

Data Security

Honda commits to implementing reasonable measures to protect Covered Information against unauthorized access or use.

Integrity & Access

Honda commits to implementing reasonable measures to maintain the accuracy of Covered Information.


Honda commits to taking reasonable steps to ensure that it and other entities that receive Covered Information adhere to the Privacy Principles.


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