Terms Conditions

License Agreement

Users typically need to accept a license agreement before using the Honda GPS map update service. This agreement outlines the terms of use, restrictions, and the rights granted to the user.


The terms may specify the compatible Honda vehicle models, software versions, and GPS hardware required to receive map updates.

Subscription and Payment Terms

If the map updates are part of a subscription service, the terms will cover payment details, renewal terms, and any associated fees.

Usage Restrictions

There may be limitations on how the updated maps can be used, such as prohibiting the distribution of maps to third parties or using the service for commercial purposes.

Data Privacy

Honda and its map providers may collect and use data from your GPS system. The terms should outline how your data is handled, including any privacy policies.

Warranty and Disclaimer

The terms and conditions often include disclaimers regarding the accuracy and reliability of the GPS maps. They may also specify whether any warranties are provided.

Updates and Changes

Information on how updates to the terms and conditions or the map data itself will be communicated to users.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If applicable, the terms may explain the process for canceling subscriptions and whether refunds are available.


Provisions relating to liability for any loss or damage incurred while using the GPS map service.


Conditions under which the service provider can terminate your access to map updates, such as non-payment or violations of the terms.

Governing Law

The jurisdiction or legal system under which any disputes will be resolved.


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